Published since 2009, this blog wants to be a celebration of the sequential art, with a thematic and eclectic selection of comic panels from all over the world, originally appeared in any format (comic book, album, comic strip, cartoon, graphic novel, magazine, web comic), from the beginning of the 20th century to this day. The panels that you can see here are part of stories, in most cases worth to read, and always worth to imagine, so, with only a few exceptions, the selection doesn’t include illustration artwork.

Try a random image, or go to the menu to navigate by decade or by themes. You can also search authors, characters and publishers through the tags in each post, or just enter a name, a title or anything you’re looking for in the Search Box located at the bottom of the site. In the Links page you will find a wide selection of creators, sites and publishers.

This blog is open to participation. Leave your thoughts in the comments section, or send an email. You can write in English, Spanish or French.

Disclaimer: The legal rights of the images in this blog belong to their authors and/or to their copyright holders. The use of the images is for informative purposes only. Authors and publishers are cited below the images. This blog has no profit, and there is not a commercial use of its content. For any claim or questions, please, contact.


2 comments on “About”

  1. Was curious as to the criteria you use for selecting images?


  2. Mainly the art, but also the writing, the historical significance, favourite authors, characters, series and books, diversity, balance between the different sections and between mainstream and independent, rarities and classics… Thanks for visiting!


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